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I want to make a difference in dogs' lives and in humans.  I want to provide wonderful memories through and through for dogs and humans alike that continue throughout the years.  I think rescue dogs deserve the chance.  They are only in their situation because a human has failed them at some point and I feel it is up to humans to undo that and give them a I am doing my part to ensure some of the more spirited dogs get that chance.

Responsible Rescues I work with: 

 (which all can always use more volunteers, fosters, or donations)

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Why I work with Responsible Rescues:

Adopting a dog is very fearful event for dogs, it often presents itself as aggression. And not being given the tools sometimes needed to succeed or to help this dog succeed can be frustrating. As a dog trainer I didn't have all the training I needed for highly reactive dogs, the rescue I was working with offered to train me as a behaviorist, however, I didn't agree with the training techniques- such as holding a dog sown and forcing the dog to be touched by random people passing by. I thought to myself "there has to be a better way, this is making the dog's fear, frustration, and aggression so much worse!" And at that moment I vowed to myself and future dogs I would do right by them and utilize my skill set to not only set their dogs up for success but to set their fosters and adopters up for success as they DON’T go through what I went through.  


I want to make sure people have amazing experiences adopting, as well as making sure dogs get a fair shake and a knowledgeable home to thrive in.  It is more detrimental and damaging to the dog to be shifted around and returned to the rescue and most adopters aren't prepared to go the extra distance I had to, so I want to ensure they have a good experience with a rescue dog, have the tools they need to go the extra distance, so they will want to keep rescuing, etc.

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