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I'm JC, MSc

I LOVE what I do, but getting here wasn't an easy path!

As a former inner city paramedic and firefighter, I’ve been through a lot of shit. 

I’ve been shot, stabbed, found myself in a burning building as it collapsed down on me (luckily not all at the same time!)… you name it, it’s probably happened. When I returned home, I was drained and exhausted, but I wouldn’t be alone. 


My Pug, Tickles, saved me. 


She would help me laugh and heal in a way that nothing else could and I realized the healing powers of our four-legged friends.  I thought I rescued her, but in turn, she would rescue me.  Well played, Tickles.  Well played.


So if Tickles did that for me... then that could happen for other humans and dogs, too, right?


And that’s when my love for rescue began. I started rescuing dogs, who just needed another chance and trained them to be ESA’s for veterans who suffered from PTS, trauma, anxiety, and so much more. I partnered with, and started, the Colorado Chapter of Pets for Vets Non-Profit and for a while joined in their mission to train rescues to be ESA’s and companions for vets.


But I knew that I wanted to do more. Inspired by my love of my Marine veteran dad, and after a lot of sleepless nights, I decided to take the next step and begin to train Service Dogs for veterans on my own. So many rescue dogs have a lot of love to give and so many humans need healing and companions and this was a way for me to help them both.  I like to think of it as both parties receiving a new lease on life persay.  They get to "rescue" each other.


My dogs have changed my life, particularly Tickles the Pug and my shit-show pitbull Shenzi (whom I refer to as the S.S. Shenz - Shit Show Shenzi).  Each have taught me so much.  Even my current rescue dog, who is also my Service Dog, El Jefe.  

To honor Tickles the Pug and how she changed my life, I decided to capture the peace she brought me into my logo. She brought calm to the chaos that was my life and inspired me start the journey to helping the veteran community around me.


Shenzi was where the cue “get your shit together” originated. It was a quick way to get her attention, particularly for my pitbull who was so desensitized to typical cues that she would just ignore them (me too, girl, me too!).


Since that first cue, I have learned more and created new techniques that allow my unique training style to come out. I’m not only able to work with families and their dogs, but I am also extremely passionate about being able to work with animal shelters and rescues to give those dogs a chance at their best life. 


I’m dedicated to learning and honing my skills to help dogs and their families have a healthy relationship with each other. Combine that with a love of learning about dogs and their behaviors, that translates to I’m going to seminars researching and creating new techniques, and more. Put simply, I am a dog behavior geek. Or nerd.  Whichever you prefer.

  • Animal Behavior Science Masters Program

  • Grisha Stewart Academy

  • Victoria Stilwell Academy - DBC 

  • ABMA Annual Conference 

  • The Lemonade Conference 

  • Aggression in Dogs Conference 

  • Spirit Dog Training - Aggression in Dogs

  • Dog-Human Aggression - Michael Shikashio

  • Dog-Dog Aggression - Michael Shikashio

  • Holistic Approach to Dog Reactivity - Dante Camacho

  • Common Behavior Challenges : Reactivity - Grisha Stewart

  • Stress and Anxiety in Dogs - Anders Hallgren

  • Building Canine Confidence w/ Movement - Lori Stevens

  • T.Touch and B.A.T Dog Resiliance - Katrien Lismont

  • The Antecedent Iceberg: Embracing Natural Integration of Ethology & Behavior - Kim Brophey

Training & Education

I've been in the industry for over 20 years now!

  • A Critical Comparison of 7 Dog Training Methods for Fear in DogsGrisha Stewart

  • Barking Mad: BAT & Other Techniques for Frustration - Grisha Stewart

  • B.A.T - Grisha Stewart, Joey Iverson

  • B.A.T 101: Socialization for Aggression, Frustration, and FearGrisha Stewart

  • ACE: Understanding Dog Needs - Sarah Fisher

  • Ahimsa Dog Training: Problem Solving & Manners

  • Deaf Dogs: Your Route to Training Success - Terrie Hayward

  • Learning the Ropes: All Things Leash Handling - Michael Shikashio

  • Enrichment and Decompression - Leslie McDevitt

  • Dog Language Panel Part 1/Part 2 - Kathy Sdao, Chirag Patel, Grisha Stewart

  • Why Animals Need Trainers Who Adhere to LIMA Principle - Susan Friedman

  • Survival Skills: Coping w/Dog Reactivity in Real Life - Grisha Stewart

  • MicroSigns Dog Body Language - Katrien Lismont
  • Noise Phobia: Helping Dogs w/ Sound Sensitivities - Karolina Westlund
  • Recognizing and Understanding Pain in Dogs - Dr. Hannah Capon

  • Predation Substitute Training - Simone Müller

  • Rocket RecallSimone Müller 
  • Resource Guarding: Dogs Who Growl or Bite - Diane Garrod

  • Seperation Anxiety: Deciphering the Behavior - Terrie Hayward

  • Seperation Anxiety in Shelters, Rescues, and Newly Adopted Dogs - Malena DeMartini

  • Stationing for the Win: Platform Training for Behavior - Jamie Popper

  • The Wolf in Your Living Room: Primitave Breeds - Molly Sumridge

  • Canine Enrichment and Affective State - Shay Kelly

  • Train Your Nervous System: Applying the Science of Pain, Stress, Trauma, and Social Connection - Sukie Baxter

Every year I attend continuing education credit courses, expos, and conferences. I believe that science is always evolving, there are always new techniques to be learned and my skillset should always evolve with it.

My Mission:

Is to give you and your dog the tools you need for you both to live your best lives.

To give those dogs who would never get a second glance, a chance at a home,
a family, and a life outside of the shelter.

To educate people about the benefits of ethical, humane, and positive reinforcement training.


*George here approves of this message!

Here’s what I do and don’t do:

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  • Positive Reinforcement training (+R) because science backs this!

  • Work to build trust and confidence for both you and your pet

  • Teach you how to communicate with your pet and understand their needs

Untitled design (4).png


  • Work with shock (Don’t ask.)

  • Work with prong collars (Not happening.)

  • Train using an alpha or dominance style technique (It’s archaic and frankly useless.)

Responsible Rescues I work with: 

 (which all can always use more volunteers, fosters, or donations)

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