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let's take a walk...

Look, we’ve all been there. Taking that casual Sunday stroll to your favorite coffee spot and then there he is…the perfect dog. 


I mean really, look at that dog! So beautiful and chill, just laying there by his family…not even bothered by other dogs. You talk to the owner and find out it’s some kind of cool breed name you’ve never heard of and you almost have to bust out the kleenex when you hear his heartbreaking background story. 

This is the kind of dog that has its own Instagram page. At some point, while  fantasizing about frolicking with this dog on the beach, one of two things happened…

It's Time to Get Your Sit Together.


Just like with the different parts of our lives, we all come with baggage and things we’d rather just shove under the rug and ignore.


(Trust me when I say I’ve had my own fair share before doctors told me what was going on with my own brain. But that’s a story for later on down the page.)


 It’s just as true here. This is a judgment-free zone. It can be embarrassing to admit that your last trainer encouraged the use of shock collars or the “in control Alpha with a pack” ideas and didn’t actually share the side effects that using them can have. This is a space where you can come and be honest with me. No judgment. Just us moving forward to help you and your dog.


Yes, it’s hard work and it takes time and patience. It also takes the support of someone that actually gets the language of your dog. 


I don’t only want your dog to have a good foundation. I want the whole family to have the best foundation it can, so everyone can be set up for success.

a) You decided “yup, that’s it, we’re getting a dog”, ran out and grabbed the first rescue dog you could find only to realize the   dog shits on everything, chews on everything and barks at everything. Whoops. 

b) You looked at your own “hot mess” dog that you’ve been chasing after and yanking on for several years and think “wtf dude”.

Regardless of your situation, you feel a little like someone turned the volume up to 12 and all the colors around you are blurring.  (If you know, you know.)

Now, here’s the spoiler alert. There is nothing wrong with your dog, and also nothing special about that glorious coffee shop dog, there’s just one thing that dog had that yours didn't: THE FOUNDATION.

So when we’re talking training man’s best friend and setting them up for success, what do you think is the number one thing we’re gonna work on?

You guessed it.  The Foundation!

I like patterns. Do you see a pattern yet?

But more than just that, we’re not going to just be teaching your dog to sit, stay and give paw and then watch as everything else falls into place.

If it was that easy, you wouldn’t need me. 

I always say that training is 80% training the human and 20% training the dog because that’s what it is. It’s training the whole family with the big picture of “this is a big ass commitment and we’ve got to get our shit together for them” in mind.

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"JC is amazing! I had a dog with lot of anxiety and some aggression with other dogs. She gave me all the steps to allow my fiancé and his dog to move into my house. Now the dogs are best friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog trainer. She understands their brains and intuitions. I was so afraid to let my dog to play with other dogs. Not only did she help my dog but she helped me!"

~Amy K. 

Hey there, I’m JC.

Your dog’s new BFF.

Your new BFF. Behaviorist. +R Dog Trainer. Rescue dog advocate. Pitbull advocate.

Or as one of my clients called me, "a superhero in floral athletic leggings". 


I have a huge heart for our four-legged friends. I spent “forever” being misunderstood, and every time I see a dog acting up, I think that’s exactly what’s going on with them.

They’re misunderstood because they don’t understand.

It’s a whole awkward miscommunication.


But I hyper-focused on dogs and dog behavior and learned how to turn it all around. I’ve worked with the anxious, the nervous, and the scared… and I can say one thing: There’s nothing better than seeing any one of those misunderstood pups become confident with the skills they need to live their best and fullest life.


The same goes for those pet parents, too.


Your dog is a member of your family and if you’re here, you have questions and a dog who needs someone to understand and (in my best Tom Cruise voice) help you help them.


I get it, it’s hard work. I’m not about to sugar coat and say that I’ve got a quick fix and a magic wand to wave over your dog to make all their “problems” go away. (My ADHD can attest that even the “best” meds don’t work like that.)

I want to come alongside you and help you learn how your dog perceives the world, and you, so that you can communicate with them. 


"Great experience working with JC and our 2 American Bully’s. They have had some leash aggression and she basically resolved it in 1 session. Or showed us how it can be resolved that is.
We’re super excited to use her positive reinforcement techniques for our little ladies and to make walks more enjoyable for everyone!

Highly recommend"
~Ali W.

my mission

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I’m not just here to train your dog on how to sit and stay, while we will work on those things. We’re going to be getting into the nitty-gritty of who your dog is as an individual and how to meet their needs.

I’m here to help you anticipate what your dog needs in the situation they’re in, so they are able to live in a way that anxiety and fear don’t rule them, or your household.

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